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Christmas In July

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What exactly is Yulefest, you ask.

For me, it is characterised by the smell. There is a very distinctive smell to Yulefest that is not apparent at any other time of the year or for any other event. This smell was the same when I worked on Yulefest as a teenager and I had forgotten about it until we resurrected ‘Christmas in July’ at the Victoria and Albert Guesthouse.

It is difficult to describe a smell but imagine cinnamon and cloves emanating from a warm mixture of red wines and then mixed with the smell of a wood open fire and a live Christmas tree. The mulled wine permeates the entire building, starting from the kitchen where the chefs have been preparing it most of the day, to the lounge and eating areas. It’s a massive building, so it’s a significant feat indeed.

Mulled wine is definitely something to mull upon. Who would have thought that warm spiced red wine would be appealing? Appealing it is. There seems to be something magical about it that induces happiness and bonding. Maybe it’s the warmth, the alcohol, the sweetness, the spices, but after one glass people have visibly changed. They are more relaxed, jovial, and simply put, happy.

I’ve heard people get concerned that they will have to somehow participate in the festivities. If sitting, drinking, eating a delicious 4 course meal and listening to fine piano entertainment is participating, then participate one does! Of course there are Christmas carols and Santa but personal involvement is entirely optional.

The warmth, the food, the carols and music, the excitement over the possibility of snow outside, what is there not to love about Yulefest? It seems the cure to winter blues, busy work weeks, stresses of money and everyday life. Come and leave your cares at the door and join us for the specific type of magic that is Yulesfest at the Victoria and Albert!


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