Past Events

Retreat to a Rich History: Experience the Charm and Character of Our Guesthouse

  • Christmas Day Lunch

    Nestled within the cozy embrace of V&A Guesthouse, a heartwarming Christmas Day lunch unfolded, etching beautiful memories into the hearts of all who attended. The charming guesthouse was adorned with rustic decorations, exuding a festive atmosphere that mirrored the enchantment of the season.

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  • Somewhere Over the Rainbow - the Indulgence Brunch

    A dazzling and delicious event built around great food, community, inclusion, joy and live music. Indulge your senses and your taste buds with this extravagant brunch.

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  • Mother's Day

    V&A Guesthouse welcomed families and loved ones to a heartwarming Mother's Day celebration that unfolded like a tender embrace. The guesthouse, already known for its inviting ambiance, became a sanctuary of appreciation and gratitude, as it played host to a memorable tribute to the extraordinary women who shape our lives.

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  • Private Events

    It would be our pleasure to host your Private events. Either lunch or dinner with a minimum guest list of 20 and up to 60 people.

    You’ll be surrounded by exquisite decorations, delicious food, and set in the historic Victoria & Albert Guesthouse.

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  • Glitzmas

    V&A Guesthouse shimmered with an enchanting allure as it embraced the holiday spirit with a lavish "Glitzmas" celebration, an evening that combined elegance, festivity, and a touch of sparkle. The guesthouse, already renowned for its refined atmosphere, was transformed into a winter wonderland of opulence and merriment.

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  • The Gin Experience

    V&A Guesthouse became a haven of refined indulgence as it hosted "The Gin Experience," an evening that tantalized the senses and transported guests on a journey of botanical bliss. The guesthouse, already renowned for its sophisticated charm, was transformed into a sanctuary for gin enthusiasts, where the juniper spirit took center stage.

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  • Christmas in July

    The guesthouse was transformed into a winter wonderland, thanks to our stunning Yuletide decor, twinkling lights, and a majestic Christmas tree. Our festive feast was a culinary delight, featuring mouthwatering dishes that left everyone satisfied and in the holiday spirit.

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