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Want to make $1250 Per phone sale?

It's as simple as selling a website design package to various hotels throughout Australia. If you can close the sale on the phone you'll receive a 50% commission of $2500 for each sale you make. 

In the course below, you'll learn about our service, how to find potential prospects, what to look for and what to say. 
+ You'll have access to an online sales course from 'Grant Cardone' himself "Valued at $1997

Who are we?

  • We are 'TheMacLyf' a digital marketing team who delivers the highest quality 'funnel' websites throughout Australia

  • You'll represent The Victoria and Albert Guesthouse team as a digital marketing expert. (When talking to new customers, you'll identify yourself as a digital marketing manager at the Victoria and Albert Guesthouse.

  • You'll be responsible for finding suitable customers, building rapport with potential customers through cold calls, informing them about our service and most importantly, closing the sale. 

How to sell our package

  • To understand what we offer that's different and unique from our competitors, you must first learn a few key terms.

  • Web Design (Creation of a website)

  • Domain Name (Website Address)

  • Hosting Provider (Who Their Website Is Created With, eg; WIX, Wordpress, Shopify)

  • Search Engine Optimisation *SEO*  (Allowing peoples websites to appear on the first page of google)

  • Email Marketing Campaign (Collecting emails in the hope to message them offers and specials later on)

  • Keyword Campaign (Using specific words to help customers find the business through google)

  • Facebook Content Creation (Creation of a video banner and profile picture to use on business page)

  • Speed Optimisation (Upgrading the speed of a website to make it load faster)

  • Mobile Optimisation (Making a website display 'correctly' on mobile)

  • Website Security (Making sure a website is secure and safe from hackers)

  • Sales Funnel (A specific type of website design used to increase sales)

  • Traffic (Refers to the individuals who visit your website)

how to spot poor websites

You'll look for websites that are a combination of as many of these things possible;

Have a link to a Facebook page (Not many page likes)

Are Un-secure (No SSL Certificate) (Example Pic 2 and 4 Below)

Load Slow and Have a Bad Page Rank Score

Are 'Not' On The First Page of Google

Website Quality Looks Poor

Website Is Not Mobile Friendly 

Images Are Not The Same Size

Broken Links (Things Don't Work When You Click On Them)

No Live Chat Support Feature

No Email Capture Method (No Newsletter Signup) 

Most Importantly "The Website Takes Payment From An External Platform"

(Example In Pic 1 "The Booking Button Handles The Payments")

Tools To Use To Identify Poor Websites   (Simply Copy Paste The Website URL To Find Their Speed and Score)   (Simply Copy and Paste Their Website URL To Find What Their Current Website Is Made With)

Laptop Screenshot Feature "Comand Shift 4"  (To Show Company If Communicating Through Facebook)

To Check If Website Is Secure Simply Look For the "Secure and/or Padlock Feature" next to the Domain Name (Imaged Below)

What We Offer Our Customers

Complete New Website (Valued at $5000)

Website Built as Sales Funnel (Valued at $800)

Email Marketing Campaign (Valued at $1200)

Built Into A System They Can Easily Manage Themselves (Saves Time)

More Traffic To Their Website (Potentially More Sales)

Complete Onpage and Offpage Search Engine Optimisation 'SEO' (Valued at $1200)

Keyword Research and Campaign (Valued at $400)

Website Security (Valued at $300)

Speed Optimisation (Valued at $300)

Mobile Optimisation (Valued at $400)

Facebook Page Banner Slideshow (Valued at $100)

No Change to Front of House Software (Stress Free)

Valued at $9700
Now Only $2500 

Costs + Additionals

One Off Fee Of $2500 
(Paid Directly Through Bank Transfer, Or PayPal)

In Addition, they will have to pay a $20 monthly fee to use Shopify as their new website host 
(Make Sure The Business Owner Is Aware Of This, They Are Most Likely Already Paying $30+)

Step By Step

1. Google Search for hotels/motels/guesthouses near you or any other area in Australia

2. Use the 'how to spot poor websites' to identify potential customers

3. Find and write down as much Information about the company as possible (template will be emailed to you)

4. Find a contact number and make the call

5. Follow the sales letter and attempt to close the sale (sales letter will be emailed to you)

6. Tweak the sales letter to what did/didn't work

7. Repeat until you make a sale

8. Write down information required (emailed to you also)

9. Send information to me

10. After the website is complete (1-2 days) and the customer is satisfied, you receive 50% commission of sale $1250 AUD

You May Sell As Many Websites Per Week As You Please 

You Will Receive $1250 For Every Sale

You've Now Been Sent an Email With;
 'Selling Checklist, Sales Script, Objection Handles/FAQ and The Grant Cardone Sales Video Course'

Please Check Your Email To Get Started