Enjoy a truly unique and memorable experience for history enthusiasts and those looking to relive the opulence of a bygone era.

Jump aboard the lavish Titanic “ship of dreams” and enjoy a magical experience at the historic Victoria & Albert Guesthouse.

Before the iceberg, before the lifeboats, before the sinking, there was the dinner.
On the evening of April 14, 1912, the first-class passengers aboard the Titanic sat down for a sumptuous 10-course meal.
Now, as the 112th anniversary of the disaster approaches, Victoria & Albert Guesthouse would like to take the lavish diner to the next level and enjoy the opulence and gastronomic delights of that evening.

The Titanic Experience

1. Historic Setting: The Victoria & Albert Guesthouse provides a historic backdrop for this special event, allowing guests to step back in time to the early 20th century.

2. Gastronomic Delights: Guests will have the opportunity to savor the same 10-course meal that first-class passengers enjoyed on the evening of April 14, 1912. This sumptuous dining experience will be a true culinary journey.

Commemorating History:

1. Anniversary Tribute: As the 112th anniversary of the Titanic disaster approaches, this event serves as a unique way to pay tribute to the ship's history and the passengers who were on board that fateful night.

2. Titanic Enthusiasts: Titanic enthusiasts from around the world gather to celebrate this occasion by recreating the last meal served on the Titanic, creating a connection with the past and sharing a sense of camaraderie with fellow enthusiasts.

A Weekend to Remember:

1. Immersion: This event offers participants a chance to immerse themselves in the world of the Titanic, not only through the dining experience but also through the ambiance and decor that recreates the ship's luxurious interior.

2. Memorable Experience: It's a weekend designed for history buffs and those seeking a unique, unforgettable experience, complete with stories, period-appropriate attire, and attention to detail.

Overall, this event at the Victoria & Albert Guesthouse promises to be a truly special and unforgettable weekend for anyone intrigued by the Titanic's history and the allure of the "ship of dreams." It's an opportunity to step back in time and relive a piece of history through a sumptuous dining experience and a deep appreciation for the Titanic's legacy.

Join us for a Weekend to Remember

Join us for an extraordinary weekend filled with captivating entertainment, exquisite dining, and delightful company.

Friday Night

We commence the weekend with a special screening of the iconic movie that Inspired James Cameron Titanic – A Night to Remember

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Savor a day of leisure to explore the scenic Mountains, peruse the Museum, and delve into the history of Mount Victoria.

Saturday Night

Prepare for an enchanting evening starting with a sparkling reception, followed by a sumptuous 10-course Titanic dinner in the opulent dining room of the Victoria & Albert Guesthouse. Upon arrival, each guest will receive a boarding pass. At night's end, discover if you survived the sinking.

Throughout the evening, be regaled with intriguing facts and stories about the Titanic, accompanied by live music and the melodies of a talented violinist.

Dress in your most elegant 1912 attire, as we recreate the splendour of a Titanic dinner party.

"We dined the last night in the Ritz restaurant. It was the last word in luxury. The tables were gay with pink roses and white
daisies, the women in their beautiful shimmering gowns of satin and silk, the men immaculate and well groomed, the stringed orchestra playing music from Puccini and Tchaikovsky. The food was superb: caviar, lobster, quail from Egypt,
plover's eggs, and hothouse grapes and fresh peaches. The night was cold and clear, the sea like glass."

Ms. Walter Douglas, a survivor and first-class passenger recounts the last night on the Titanic

For passenger information and inquiries, please
call Josie - 0459 844 345

Did you know? Dinner on the Titanic was the most elegant event on the most luxurious ocean liner. First-class passengers donned their finest attire, with women in exquisite evening gowns, no hats, long white gloves, and accessories to match. Gentlemen graced the occasion in white tie - a tailcoat, white pique waistcoat, and bow tie.

Join us for a Weekend to Remember.

  • Join us on Friday night for the movie

    - Titanic movie - A night to remember ( Friday night)

  • Dinner & Movie (Sold Out)

    - Titanic Dinner (Saturday night) - $145pp
    - Movie (Friday Night) $24pp

  • Dinner, Movie & Accommodation (Sold Out)

    - Complimentary Breakfast Every Morning
    - Titanic Dinner (Saturday night) - $145pp
    - Movie (Friday Night) $24pp